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Case Study

Technology Data Center Visitor Management

Situation /Objectives

There were three key visitor management workflows that required an automated tracking system for maintenance that could be integrated with the customer’s source of truth, including:

  • Access management – The full lifecycle of a data center visit, from the initiation of an access request (either directly in the tool or through Work Notifications), to approvals, training requirements, and access provisioning, through access deprovisioning at the end of a visit.
  • Watchlist – Flagging and preventing access for visitors who are on customer’s internal BOLO list and providing a process for management to override these flags if needed.
  • Compliance – Audit trails for the lifecycle of every visit, including functionality for automating the quarterly SOX ACL review process. Also captures NDA documents and validity dates.


Improvements resulting from the automation introduced by the system:

  • Site-specific access request forms – Dynamic access request form that only displays clearance groups relevant to the site that will be visited.
  • Discontinuation of manual tracking
  • Bulk imports of Work Notifications visitors – Automatically processes visitors coming from the
  • Work Notifications workflow once they are approved in the WN tool.
  • Watchlist/BOLO integration – Systematically checks visitors against Google’s BOLO list.
  • Enforcement of training requirements – Enforces Googlers’ and TVCs’ completion of mandatory training prior to provisioning their access.
  • NDA tracking – Organizes and stores NDA documents within visitor profiles and checks against NDA
    expiration dates.
  • Automated clearance updates in Cure – Automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of clearances in CCure upon start and end dates of a visit, eliminating Security officers’ need to manually update (Cure.
  • Streamlined ACL review process – Simplified process for GDCS CAP and site reviewers to initiate and perform ACL reviews, and automatically update clearances in CCure based on the outcome of the
  • End to end audit trails – End-to-end tracking of the lifecycle of a visit, approvals and clearance history, ACL review activities, and application user activities.

RightCrowd Value

  • Successful completion of Vendor Security Assessment in accordance with customer’s pre-defined issue resolution timelines
  • Provide appropriate resources to deliver project management, change management, training, and functional and technical implementation support.
  • Manage the plan, resources, schedule, and deliverables for delivering the visitor management system in partnership with team members.
  • Conduct regular project review meetings with customer team members.
  • Schedule and coordinate Contractor personnel activities with customer team members.
  • Track and document project activities and progress.
  • Prepare strategies and plans related to the configuration, customization, and implementation of Contractor’s software.
  • Assist customer team members to conduct kickoff meetings, stakeholder and user interviews, analyze existing business requirements/processes/practices, facilitate strategy and planning workshops, and prepare strategy and implementation planning documents (including implementation roadmaps and project plans).

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