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Case Study

Workforce Access Managed Services

Situation /Objectives

  • An extremely high volume of employees were required to physically come to a DIO (Delegated Issuance Office) location to place requests for any required Badge Activity
  • The requests varied in activity:
    • Lost, Stolen, Damaged
    • Activate (New or Found Badge)
    • New Employee or Rehire
    • Name Change / New Photo
    • Chip Only Smart Card (Server and Network access)
    • Setting a PIN for required access in specific locations
  • Employees would at times come all the way into the office only to find that some step in the process was not completed and they had further actions required. They would have to complete those actions and return to the Campus at another date.
  • The Business Processes in place were not regimented allowing DIOs to take different actions to provide the end result badge to the employee.
  • The volume of requests, the heavy workload on the DIOs and the waste due to inaccurate requests was not easily reportable


  • Implementation of the Self Service Portal over the course of several years has had a dramatic decrease in volume of requests coming straight into the DIO Locations (several locations have been closed, and more continue to close since implementation thereby continuing to reduce cost)
  • The system was originally implemented and provided to Power Users and then went Live to the larger Global Community
  • Automated reporting was built into the system and is provided to Management on an as needed basis (no longer required RC manhours to deliver)

RightCrowd Value

  • Value encompasses multiple individualized projects
    • Access Level Approvals
    • Delegation Maintenance
      JIT Access for Onboarding & Offboarding
      Temporary Access Card Ownership – Volume Management
      Health Check App Services (Used during Covid)
    • Area Access Management Dashboard
    • Embedded Reporting Services

Transforming access control at your workspace is easier than you think.

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