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Case Study

Just-in-Time Access Request

Situation /Objectives

  • Clent wanted to Implement a process for requesting a just-in-time access request to visit to a workplace site without requiring an escort for cardholders that are approved with permanent access.
  • They required that pre-approved access levels, configured for a specific role, should automatically allocate to cardholders when the approval process has been completed.
  • The new system requirements included:
    • Auditing of Access
    • Acknowledgement of Site Rules
    • Maintaining Site Rules and Non Disclosure Agreements
    • Administration of Roles
    • Automatic Detection of Role Changes Offboarding & Offboarding Processes
    • Secure Data Lab Access


  • Business processes that took time to track down with multiple administrators to process and implement are now all utilized through a Self Service Portal that has built-in automated processes.
  • Mandatory rules and regulations are built in and could no longer be skipped or completed during invalid steps of the process.
  • Site Security is more readily implemented and is achieved by enhancements provided via a custom dashboard.
  • Change Monitoring is now emailed and reported through multiple individuals.

RightCrowd Value

RightCrowd delivered a robust PIAM solution that encompasses multiple individualized projects:

  • DWeb Services – use management through AAD
  • Asset Tracking
  • Training Requirements Synced to Training Portal
  • Continued process improvement and security requirements implemented

Transforming access control at your workspace is easier than you think.

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