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Our award-winning solutions empower you to better manage identities, access and presence in your workplace. They keep people safer, and your workplace more secure and compliant.

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RightCrowd (ASX: RCW) is a global provider of safety, security and compliance solutions that manage the access and presence of people. Combined with our long-standing alliances with major security and business systems vendors, our award-winning solutions have helped organizations to keep their physical access control in sync with their business, making them safer and more secure, at lower cost.

Trusted by the world’s most respected companies, we have successful deployments in industries covering healthcare, critical infrastructure, mining, technology, manufacturing and financial services.

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RightCrowd has been pioneering access management and presence control solutions for over 18 years with proven success at many world-leading companies and organizations. And although we have an established network of customers and technology partners, RightCrowd is still one of the best kept secrets in the security industry.

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