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Case Study

Australian Mining Company

Situation /Objectives

  • The mine had strict compliance and regulatory safety requirements that must be met for business continuity – mandates for how mine sites are operated.
  • In addition to compliance requirements, the customer specifically had high cost and extensive time requirements for evacuation drills, and they required improved speed of evacuation for emergency events.


  • Evacuations were reduced from 3 hours average to 15-20 mins where 5,000 workers were being mustered at an average of $100,000 per worker that equates to ~$160,000 saving per event.

RightCrowd Value

  • RightCrowd mustering was deployed to rapidly identify on real-time screens where all workers were and who was still not accounted for. For example, during an evacuation, all people who are currently in the danger area can now all be viewed on the RightCrowd Evacuation screen. As soon as a worker badges at a muster point, their name is removed from the danger area and evacuation coordinators and responders can use the real time RightCrowd Evacuation screens to focus on the people that remain unaccounted for.
  • RightCrowd additionally ensures that visitors and temporary workers are accounted for at the same time, rather than being in siloed systems requiring multiple lengthy and manual processes to account for these types of people at the site.

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