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RightCrowd provide world-class software products that add functional enhancements to existing physical access control systems and converge the physical security silo into the enterprise through integration into ERP systems, such as SAP.

RightCrowd products enable corporations to automate many physical security and compliance-related business processes.

Corporations set policies to meet regulatory and organizational mandates. RightCrowd ensures these policies are complied with, and integrated using real-time data, with the physical security system. This ensures all people in the organization are in compliance with the processes that support the overarching corporate and regulatory policies.

The history of RightCrowd

RightCrowd, was formed in 2004 to develop a software suite to bring physical security access control systems together with HR and IT systems.

RightCrowd completed the first phase of development and deployed the solution at several key military installations. RightCrowd products have been sold both directly and through an OEM relationship with one of Australasia’s leading security manufacturers.

In February 2006, RightCrowd was acquired by Virsa Systems, Inc. (the world’s leading software start-up in the rapidly growing Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance market at the time) to extend their logical compliance software suite to incorporate physical security compliance.

Just two months after Virsa Systems’ acquisition of RightCrowd, SAP ( www.sap.com ) acquired Virsa Systems (including RightCrowd). This was a major strategic acquisition for SAP that formed the foundation of SAP’s $1b investment in the creation of SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance division. For 18 months, the RightCrowd team drove SAP’s global physical security convergence strategy and travelled the world meeting with SAP customers and personnel validating the emerging physical security convergence market.

In mid-2007, RightCrowd, was ‘spun-out’ of SAP, along with its software intellectual property, into the SAP partner ecosystem as an independent software vendor, to enable the commercialization of RightCrowd’s physical security convergence software products.

Our future

RightCrowd continues to extend the solution capabilities beyond physical security convergence, and has provided solutions to address Continuous Workforce Assurance requirements of multinational organizations.

The combination of the RightCrowd solution, along with the existing corporate systems within these organizations, has seen complex governance and compliance requirements addressed delivering true value to organizations.

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