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Founded in 2004, RightCrowd (ASX:RCW) is a leading provider of safety, security and compliance solutions to some of the world’s largest companies.

RightCrowd has offices in Seattle, New York, Ghent, Manila and the Gold Coast, Australia. Combined with our long-standing relationships with major security and business systems vendors, we are able to deliver world-class solutions to meet our clients’ most difficult security and compliance challenges.

Our award-winning solutions have helped businesses of all sizes to redefine their security and compliance programs, delivering improved productivity, at a lower cost.

Our History


2004 - 2006

RightCrowd begins life in Australia as a pure R&D product development business.

2006 - 2007

RightCrowd was acquired by a leading software start-up in the Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, market and the combined entity was acquired again by SAP. For 18 months, the RightCrowd team drove SAP’s global physical security convergence strategy, validating this emerging market.

2007 - 2009

RightCrowd was spun-out of SAP and focused on scaling the technology and building its technical and sales capability, winning major projects with ASX 10 and Fortune 50 companies.

2009 - 2012

RightCrowd successfully deploys large scale mining projects in Australia. The company expanded to North & South America with growth to 32 staff.

2012 - 2016

RightCrowd continued to grow from strength to strength, deploying major global Fortune 50 projects. The company opened its offices in the USA and Philippines with growth of 70+ staff. RightCrowd received industry recognition as the winner of the 2016 ASIS Accolades “Security’s Best Award” at ASIS, Orlando.

2017 - 2018

RightCrowd listed on the Australian Stock Exchange to support the growing demand for the Company’s solutions and to fully commercialize the product suite. The Company acquired New York based, Offsite Vision Holdings. Its flagship evacuation and response solutions provide cloud-based, highly scalable technology to identify people and assets in real-time.

2019 - Present

RightCrowd acquired security and authorization pioneers, Ticto, with unique and patented technology which improves security and compliance within an organizations perimeter, by making access authorization visible.


With operations across the globe, we can help you to manage the access and presence of people by automating your safety, security and compliance processes.

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Our People


RightCrowd’s leadership team has a long history of success.

Board of Directors

Rob Baker
Non-Executive Director
Robert Baker has had nearly a decade of board experience. He has had experience as a board member of PwC (2008–2013). He has also been a Managing Partner in the Brisbane Office and has ongoing roles with Flight Centre Travel Group, Goodman Private Wealth Ltd and others.
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Peter Hill
Chief Executive Officer
Peter founded RightCrowd in 2004 and has been instrumental in growing the company to its current level. He is responsible for RightCrowd’s global business strategy and continues to drive partnerships with billion-dollar global physical security vendors, at both corporate and technical levels.
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Craig Davies
Non-Executive Director
Craig has over twenty years experience in cybersecurity operations and advisory. He is a passionate supporter of Australia’s start-up ecosystem and has advised a range of companies and governments. He is the CEO of TriSecOps; the former CEO of AustCyber, former Head of Security at Atlassian and CSO at Cochlear.
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Leadership Team

Peter Hill
Chief Executive Officer
James Stewart
Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Maarten Vandenbroucke
Vice President, Corporate Development
Bart Vansevenant
General Manager, Presence Control & Cyber Security Solutions
Lorraine Hall
Chief of Staff
Maarten Van Speybroeck
Financial Director, Europe
Danielle Hocking
Professional Services Manager, Australia
Fred Rey
General Manager, Core Business
Bill Lenahan
General Manager, Offsite Vision
Darren Bain
Vice President, Customer Success
Brigitte Braems
Support & Training Manager
Damien Cunningham
Vice President, Professional Services/PMO
Jake O'Neill
Professional Services Manager, APAC/AMEA
Karim Daghay
Software Engineering Manager
David MacKenzie
Vice President, Engineering
Tina Carlson
Professional Services Manager, North America
Marcus Alick
Software Engineering Manager
Justin Kerr
Vice President, Marketing
David Thomas
Product Manager of Analytics
Lee Pryor
IT Manager
Nathan White
Custom Solutions Manager
Joyce Gabriel
General Manager, The Philippines
Blair Johnstone
Quality Assurance Manager
Chip Pessa
Corporate Services Manager
Why choose us


Here are 6 reasons why you should choose us to manage the access and presence of people to ensure they are safe, secure and in compliance with applicable policies.
  • Experienced

    RightCrowd has built up 15 years’ experience solving complex safety, security and compliance challenges.

  • Enterprise focus

    We understand the complexity of safety, security and compliance in large organizations. That is our sweet spot.

  • Leverage your investment

    We integrate business, operational and security systems to unlock data and improve organizational outcomes.

  • Innovation

    Our solutions help organizations reinvent safety, security and compliance processes to re-imagine best-practice.

  • Customer first

    Every customer counts, and we want each product implementation to be successful.

  • Project delivery

    Our highly experienced project delivery team will ensure your implementation is as efficient and streamlined as possible.