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Visitor Management for the Enterprise

Give your security, facilities and operation teams the tools to manage every type of visitor or contractor at every stage of their visit.

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Visitor Management System



RightCrowd Visitor Management

The visitor management system trusted by the Fortune 50.

RightCrowd Visitor Management is an enterprise solution that handles the unique security, compliance, and operational requirements of large organizations. It transforms your lobby operations, ensuring the safety, security, and compliance of visitors throughout your buildings and facilities.

Have confidence that only approved visitors and contractors can gain access to your site with automated pre-registration, site inductions, NDAs, contactless kiosks and peripherals. The solution seamlessly integrates with Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and many enterprise systems, while giving your visitors the best experience and a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

RightCrowd Visitor Management welcomes visitors with an experience that aligns with your brand through processes that make each visit safe, productive and memorable.

Smart visitor pre-registration
Pre-arrival site inductions
Automated check-in/out
Host notifications
Visitor badge issuance
Evacuation management
Watch list and screening
Visitor insights and intelligence
Integration with other systems
Supports kiosks and peripherals

Solution Features

Streamline your visitor management processes

Remove the Queue

You have unique requirements and we’ve got mobile, kiosk and pre-registration solutions to get people moving through your lobby.

Safety, Security and Compliance

It’s a balancing act, so you need a comprehensive solution that pushes the right inductions, captures the right details and notifies the right people.

Efficient Lobby Operations

More visitors doesn’t mean more staff, with self-service options that automate routine tasks and remove the administration load from reception.

Be a Great Host

Self-service options allow employees to register visitors with personalized pre-entry compliance processes and be notified when their visitor has arrived.

Big Group, No Problem

Automated group pre-registration, personalized pre-entry compliance processes and exit procedures delivering efficiency and security.

Physical Access Control Integration

Complete integration with your physical access control system, so you have a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Ensure your visitors are
authorized to be
in your workplace

Automate site inductions, training requirements and physical access approvals to ensure that every visitor or contractor is safe and authorized to be there.

Visitor Management - Access Control Solution
Features of Enterprise Visitor Management

Visitor self-service and smart pre-registration

Enhance your physical access control system (PACS) by ensuring compliant on-boarding, off-boarding and cardholder access requests.

Remove the guesswork around visitor status and location with a dashboard view of visitors due to arrive, that are on-site and overdue to exit.

Personalized visitor access

Reduce administrative burden by allowing your visitors to self-register and badge themselves in.

RightCrowd Visitor Management supports a range of self-service kiosks and peripheral devices, geared to match your unique business and identification requirements.


Manage visitor badges and sign-in

Enhance your physical access control system to provision visitor cards with only the physical access they need.

RightCrowd Visitor Management provides real-time and historical data for people on-site, both past and present.

All your systems working seamlessly together

Integrate all systems relevant for making good access decisions with RightCrowd. From Physical Access Control, over Active Directory and HR, to Learning Management and ERP, RightCrowd helps connect your systems and automate your processes to improve safety, security and compliance in your organization.


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Manage every type of visitor, at every stage of their visit

Streamlined lobby operations

Self-service invitations, approvals, inductions and kiosks remove the load from reception.

Personalised check-in process

Create check-in processes for every type of visitor with health status, NDAs, identification checks and access cards issued.

Secure locally, scale globally

Enforce safety, security and compliance policies, while meeting regulatory and language requirements locally.

Access control integration

Complete integration with your physical access control system, so you have a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Manage visitors everywhere

Leverage RightCrowd Presence Control to ensure all visitors are tethered to their host and visible to everyone present.

Visitor reporting and compliance

Flexible visitor and security reporting to demonstrate safety, security and compliance on every site.

RightCrowd Visitor Management

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Trusted by the Fortune 50
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