Blog – Contact tracing solutions that improve security


Blog – Contact tracing solutions that improve security

Many organizations use a combination of hard physical security controls to protect their people, premises and assets. However, security hardware upgrades can also be costly and time consuming.

RightCrowd Social Distancing solutions provide a way to quickly and flexibly implement additional physical security measures without adding walls, doors and locks.

It’s called RightCrowd Presence Control and it can be used in open office environments to make physical security permissions visible. Implementing RightCrowd Presence Control will make unauthorized people entering an open workplace visible to everyone present.

presence control visitor

Workers entering an area with an enabled RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder will be detected by a RightCrowd Gateway. If the worker is authorized to be in that area, the Badgeholder will start showing the correct color code for that area. If not authorized, the Badgeholder will blink red to indicate that the person is not authorized to be there.

RightCrowd Presence Control

The solution instantly establishes trust amongst coworkers, contractors and visitors without them having to know each other.

RightCrowd Presence Control provides the following benefits:

“¢ Cost effective — provides an inexpensive way to quickly implement additional security controls.

“¢ Flexible solution — you can change zones as required. Need a floor for a temporary project? Want to quickly swap two teams between floors? The solution can be deployed in a few seconds.

“¢ Non-intrusive security — enforce security effectively without imposing physical barriers which are perceived as hindering an open office working environment.

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