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Turn your existing security access card into a real-time contact tracing solution and enable a safe return to the workplace.

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Social Distancing Monitoring and Contact Tracing Solution

RightCrowd Contact Tracing is a fast, automated, real-time contact tracing and social distancing monitoring solution for the workplace.

Using proven Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, each digital badgeholder continuously provides critical contact tracing data to prevent onward transmission to employees, visitors and contractors.

When the wearable detects a colleague within approximately 6 feet / 2 meters of another colleague, it prompts the users with an alert to establish a safe distance.

In the event a team member or visitor is identified as infected with COVID-19, RightCrowd quickly delivers 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree exposure reporting. The system’s privacy settings can be configured to match legal requirements and provide complete anonymity while effectively managing operational risks.


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Automated contact tracing system that respects privacy

Contact Tracing Device

Flexible & Fast Deployment

The cloud-based solution can be deployed within days and quickly moved to other locations as your business grows.

Business Grade Privacy & Security

Privacy settings can be configured to match regulatory requirements and admin access can be set to ensure sensitive data is not exposed.

Rapid Contact Tracing

In the case that someone is found to be infected with COVID-19, you can quickly access close contact reporting across location, date/time, duration and 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree exposure.

Long Battery Life

Built-in 2035 milliwatt-hour (3.7V) lithium-polymer battery, that allows up to 80 hours of continuous use and 250 hours stand-by. Worn on a lanyard or clip, each badgeholder acts as a beacon and collects close proximity data from users.

Mobile Application

Released on iOS and Android, the mobile application provides activity updates and audio warnings when people come into close proximity in certain zones or facilities from the badgeholders.

Maintain Social Distancing

Each badgeholder safely monitors and alerts your workers, contractors and visitors with a visual warning if they come within an unsafe distance.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Size and Weight
Height: 4.25 inches (108 mm)

Width: 2.48 inches (63 mm)

Depth: 0.27 inches (7mm)

Weight: 0.055 pounds (24.94 g)
Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth 4.2 technology
ID Card Compatibility
ISO/IEC 7810 – ID-1 identification cards

Can read out Card Serial Number of Smartcard-type access badges (13.56 MHz frequency).

Can also read out IDs stored in secure segment on Smartcards of the MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire family.
Configuration & Deployment
The system is easily deployed in the cloud and can be configured by the customer to meet the most demanding privacy regulations.
Power and Battery
Built-in 2035 milliwatt-hour (3.7V) lithium-polymer battery

Up to 80 hours continuous use / 250 hours stand-by

Charging via USB micro-B power adapter or charging station
Each worker or visitor is provided with a RightCrowd Badgeholder, which continuously monitors and stores information every time workers come in close proximity (approximately 2 meters or 6 feet).

When workers come in close proximity, the device gives a visual warning by flashing red and stores the unique identifier of each Badgeholder, along with a timestamp and the approximate distance. This information is automatically transferred to the management software as soon as it comes in range of a RightCrowd Gateway.

The badgeholder’s unique identifier, timestamp and the approximate distance are all automatically transferred to the backend software as soon as the worker comes in range of a RightCrowd Gateway. Detailed reporting is available to understand the state of social distancing across the workforce and to quickly take action in case of an infection of one of your workers.
By wrapping the necessary capabilities around an everyday work item, like a security access badge, it overcomes the controversy of pushing workers to use their personal phone to support safety initiatives.

Privacy requirements differ between organizations, industries and legal jurisdictions. RightCrowd allows you to configure and operate the Social Distancing Monitoring solution in one of the following four ways:

Monitoring and reporting is based on the RightCrowd Badgeholder. In this case we do not read the access card inserted into the badge holder. No integration with your physical access control system is needed.

Monitoring and reporting is based on the worker’s access card ID number. People’s names are not stored, but could be resolved off-line by the customer based on our reporting. No integration with your physical access control system is needed.

You upload a list of your worker’s access card ID numbers along with their names. Monitoring and reporting is still based on the worker’s access card ID number, but only if it’s explicitly allowed in the Dashboard – authorized users can view reporting based either on card IDs or workers name. No integration with your physical access control system is needed.

RightCrowd is integrated with your physical access control system and worker user ID’s are mapped. In the Dashboard users can select reporting options by ID number or workers.
Contact Tracing
RightCrowd Contact Tracing provides a dynamic reporting application to identify workers who have been in contact with an infected person.

The contact tracing badge stores the unique identifier, timestamp and the approximate distance when workers come in close proximity. This data is then automatically transferred to the management platform as soon as the worker comes in range of a RightCrowd Gateway.

A database renders all contact points and allows for further analysis and reporting. In cases where someone is found to have tested positive, contact tracing reports can be seamlessly provided. The application provides analysis of high-risk areas and people to enable the development of proactive mitigation strategies.

The data captured can also be called through an API, or optionally, enriched with social distancing monitoring data or people’s COVID-status information.

The business can make contact with affected workers and visitors to implement their management processes.

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