• How can we be sure that

    everyone on site has the right training?

  • How many visitors are on site right now?

  • Do we have the right plan

    for the number of expected visitors?

  • What is the right way to automate

    our manual physical security processes?

  • How do we ensure the times

    on contractor invoices are right?

  • Where are our contractors right now?

  • What is the right way for our people

    to request physical access?

  • How do I ensure the right people

    enter and leave site compliantly?


RightCrowd finds the exceptions in real-time allowing you to rectify the situation ensuring a safe, secure and compliant workplace.

At RightCrowd, we believe the people on your site are your greatest responsibility. They must be safe, secure and in compliance with your organization’s policies and procedures.

This applies to workers, contractors, visitors and their workforce assets before they enter, while they are on site, and upon exiting.

What is Continuous Workforce Assurance?

We are world class innovators who research, develop, deliver and support superior software solutions for an organization’s workforce and visitors, to enable security, safety and compliance. We define this as Continuous Workforce Assurance.

Since 2004, RightCrowd, the leader of Continuous Workforce Assurance (CWA), has innovated with solutions which improve security, safety, and compliance for an organization’s workforce (including employees and contractors) and visitors to ensure that “EVERYONE ON SITE IS RIGHT”™.

This is achieved by continuously comparing compliance profiles with data from business systems to enhance the functionality of physical access control systems, in support of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) best practices.

CWA enforces security through automated interaction with dynamic data sources to allow or deny access based on policies such as background checks of the workforce and visitors. CWA promotes workforce safety in the areas of training, mustering, exposure to dangerous substances, fatigue and time-on-site reporting. CWA also ensures that compliance, both to company policies and regulatory requirements, is continuously enforced providing full audit capabilities to determine the effectiveness of the implemented processes.

RightCrowd automates enhances enforces your physical access policies and procedures.

Making your business 'work' better.

RightCrowd improves the visibility and productivity of your business by:

Mitigating physical security, safety and compliance vulnerabilities.

Automating and standardizing people processes to improve productivity.

Enabling you to better manage your people and their costs in real-time.

Extend Enhance Leverage your Physical Access Control System's (PACS) functionality.

We are global industry experts.

  • RightCrowd are global industry experts.

  • Working with the major physical security and business system vendors, RightCrowd has created, and is at the forefront of Continuous Workforce Assurance (making sure everyone on site is right).

  • We have successful deployments with some of the world’s largest companies in industries including Technology, Mining, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Banking, Utilities and Higher Education.

  • Established in 2004 and subsequently acquired and ‘spun-out’ of SAP in 2007, RightCrowd has an enviable record of providing proven solutions.

  • Our continuing commitment to Research & Development and working closely with customers and the market ensures our solutions lead the industry.


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