RightCrowd Presence Control – The Next Layer of Defense

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RightCrowd Presence Control – The Next Layer of Defense

Modern organizations use a combination of hard physical security controls to protect their people, assets and intellectual property. In application, defence-in-depth employs successive layers of hard physical security controls across zones to manage risks. Yet those incredibly effective controls can be costly and time-consuming to reconfigure. 

RightCrowd Presence Control introduces a simple new approach to adding physical defense-in-depth. The technology validates physical security permissions by making them visible. The solution leverages an existing building access card and adds a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder, enabling both human and automated validation of security permissions for everyone present.

Sliding your existing building access card into the Badgeholder enables an internal NFC reader, that reads the credential from the card and activates the Bluetooth wearable. The card and Badgeholder merge physically and link logically through backend software. This combined credential now leverages NFC and BLE to manage physical access and presence.

RightCrowd Presence Control provides the following benefits:

  • Cost effective – quickly implement additional security controls without creating a large capital project.
  • Flexible solution – the solution can be deployed within days and can be easily moved to another location.
  • Two-factor authentication for physical security – anyone not authorized to be in an area will be immediately visible to everyone else.
  • Integrates with existing access control – turns an existing building access card into a digital security wearable.

Activate your next layer of security

Ensure that everyone present in the workplace is meant to be there. To find out more, contact a RightCrowd security expert today.