RightCrowd Presence Control – The Next Layer of Defense

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RightCrowd Presence Control – The Next Layer of Defense

Modern organizations use a combination of policies, guards and hard physical security controls to protect their people, assets and intellectual property. In application, defence-in-depth employs successive layers of security controls across physical zones to manage identified risks. Those controls however can be costly and time-consuming to reconfigure.

Understanding RightCrowd Presence Control

RightCrowd Presence Control introduces a simple new approach to adding physical defense-in-depth. The technology validates physical security permissions by making them visible. The solution leverages an existing building access card and adds a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder, enabling both human and automated validation of security permissions for everyone present.

Sliding your existing building access card into the Badgeholder enables an internal NFC reader, that reads the credential from the card and activates the Bluetooth wearable. The card and Badgeholder merge physically and link logically through backend software. This combined credential now leverages NFC and BLE to manage physical access and presence.

Highly Secure Architecture

Cryptographic keys synchronize the color sequence displayed on every RightCrowd Digital Badgeholders in each area. Communication between the RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder and the RightCrowd backend software is encrypted and authenticated in both directions at all times. RightCrowd’s Presence Control platform can run as a cloud instance or reside in your data center as an on-premise deployment.

Contact Tracing and Social Distancing

RightCrowd Badgeholders will keep track of all the other RightCrowd Badgeholders present (by default within 6 feet) and record the duration that this occurs. If a person subsequently reports as being ill, the RightCrowd Dashboard can be used to immediately identify who they have been in proximity of, for how long and when, thereby providing awareness of who should be advised that they might be at risk. Optionally RightCrowd Badgeholders can visually warn people when not respecting social distancing.

Visual Authorization

RightCrowd Badgeholders visually show whether a person is authorized to be present. Where a person is authorized, the device will show a pre-defined color (e.g. green). In case of unauthorized presence, the Badgeholder will flash red to warn the person – and people around – that they should leave the area. Anyone trying to tailgate into an area will visually stand out and be noticed. The authorization decision can come from your existing physical access control system (PACS) through our integration.

Presence Reporting

Whenever a person wearing a badgeholder comes in range of a gateway, they will be identified as being ‘in that area’ e.g. Building 1, or Floor 5, or Boardroom. The service provides reporting on who was in which location when. It can be used to track occupancy levels and can provide important data in case of an incident


When an emergency occurs, people (workers or visitors) will be able to leave the building and approach an evacuation coordinator at a mobile muster point. As they approach the coordinator, they will automatically be checked in by the RightCrowd Mustering App and visually identified as ‘safe’. The RightCrowd Dashboard shows – in real-time – who arrived at which muster point, and for people that have not been accounted for yet, where and when they were last seen within the building that is being evacuated.

Custom Entry Questionnaire

People will be asked to answer a questionnaire on a periodic basis through the RightCrowd App on their mobile device, typically as a pre-cursor to them maintaining access. In the RightCrowd Dashboard you set the conditions that define when a user passes or fails the questionnaire, and when the validity period expires.

RightCrowd Presence Control provides the following benefits:

  • Cost effective – quickly implement additional security controls without creating a large capital project.
  • Flexible solution – the solution can be deployed within days and can be easily moved to another location.
  • Two-factor authentication for physical security – anyone not authorized to be in an area will be immediately visible to everyone else.
  • Integrates with existing access control – turns an existing building access card into a digital security wearable.
  • Accurate rapid contact tracing – market leading contact tracing and covid exposure reporting with privacy settings built for large business

Activate your next layer of security

Ensure that everyone present in the workplace is meant to be there. To find out more, contact a RightCrowd security expert today.