8 ways mining access data improves mining operations

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8 ways mining access data improves mining operations

MMining operations face longstanding challenges to ensure worker safety while also maintaining health safety protocols and fluid operations. Workforce management is another significant challenge given the scale and turnover frequency of personnel. All of these processes are manually driven, time-consuming, and expensive to implement and maintain… yet they’re unavoidable.  

The good news is that mining companies have all the data they need at their fingertips to dramatically improve operations and reduce costs.  

Since the inception of corporate mining, access control has played a critical role in helping organizations manage their workforces. From early paper logs to time clocks and today’s electronic solutions, the primary role of these solutions was to keep track of who was on-premise and for what duration of time. Today’s modern Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) have elevated the role of these systems to include Personal Identity Access Management (PIAM), enabling these systems to better identify and authenticate individuals using new advances in reader technologies that cannot be replicated, lost or stolen. However, PACS systems are inherently reactive in nature and limited in their ability to identify anomalous events or patterns of behavior, despite their ability to capture reams of otherwise untapped data.  

RightCrowd Workforce Access effectively mines data from PACS solutions to deliver new insights on all access activities for a much broader scope of business intelligence applications across the enterprise. 

The ability to aggregate and process data from PACS and other related enterprise systems provides mining operations with a holistic view of every employee, contractor and visitor for the lifecycle of their enrollment. RightCrowd Workforce Access seamlessly integrates with PACS and other enterprise systems, applying attribute-based access control (ABAC) rules to ensure that all mining personnel and contractors who are on-site are in compliance with established safety and health requirements, and are accounted for in the event of an emergency.  

Here are 8 ways mining access data improves mining operations: 

  1. Manages identities across the enterprise by integrating every enterprise system from PACS, Active Directory and HR, to Learning Management and ERP.  
  1. Automates error-prone manual processes including smart on-boarding and enrollment, badge management, access requests, access audits, off-boarding, and numerous other access control processes. 
  1. Helps maintain compliance with dynamic access processes that replace pre-defined static access permissions with attribute-based access control rules that set and remove access based on real-time data from relevant enterprise systems. 
  1. Enforce safety requirements by automatically establishing and validating access rights based on local policies across all mining facilities and internal sites. This includes using PACS technology to curtail worker fatigue, which is a common source of workplace errors, accidents and lost productivity. 
  1. Automates random drug and alcohol testing without giving any indication to individuals based on observation, history or other discretionary factors prior to their entry to mining operations, which is otherwise discriminatory. 
  1. Ensures everyone on-site is authorized with specific permissions for each and every individual employee, contractor and visitor on-site. 
  1. Enables self-service visitor and access management, allowing hosts to pre-register visitors for access, staff to request access to other facilities and sites, and enrolled individuals to request temporary badges when and if necessary, to perform their designated functions without interruption.  
  1. Ensures audit confidence, by maintaining detailed audit trails of all enrolled individuals, access levels changes, and automating periodic access audits — all in near real time. 

By mining data from your existing PACS and related enterprise systems, you can gain visibility to activities and data that may otherwise go undetected to dramatically improve overall operations. Learn how RightCrowd Workforce Access can improve operational and health safety, mitigate risks, enhance productivity, and increase profits at your mining facilities. Learn more here!