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Easily identify access compliance and security risks across your facilities.

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Are you confident that employee records in your Access Control, Active Directory and HR sources match? Could your organization use simple, accurate access reporting to proactively identify whether all terminated employees or contractors have had their physical access removed from your access control system?
RightCrowd Access Analytics delivers up-to-date reporting on inappropriate access to facilities, buildings and areas.
The solution can interact with any access control system, Human Resources (HR), Active Directory (AD), Learning Management System (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It enables organizations to monitor privileged physical access, policy compliance, cardholders, access levels, badges and user access reviews.

Solution Features

Keep your access control in sync to ensure that only the right people have access

Badge Management

Identify and manage unused badges, duplicate badges or active badges for terminated staff.

Access Compliance

Identify and manage inappropriate access based on role, policy or location.

Privileged Access

Identify and manage workers with privileged access to critical areas, plant or security systems.

Physical Access Reviews

Accurate physical access reports by location, team or system for easy user access reviews.

Security Management

Proactively monitor access additions, changes and removals to secure areas or for staff with privileged access.

Access Administration

Improve access management processes with easy investigation of errors and non-compliance.

Identify privileged physical access risks

99% of all access control systems contain out-of-date physical user access data.
Accelerate the discovery of risky access across people, teams and locations. The solution allows you to visualize who has access to what across multiple systems, whether it’s Human Resources, Active Directory, Visitor Management and Physical Access Control Systems.

Enforce physical access management policies

Deliver dashboards and reports that track the effectiveness access management processes. The solution allows you to identify people with physical access, whom have not completed the required training or certification.

Streamline physical access audits and compliance

User access changes everyday. Get automated physical access reports mapped to your compliance, standard or regulation requirements.
Physical Identity Access Management
Physical Identity Access Governance

Identify unauthorized access

Identify risky physical access, how it was granted and when it was last used. RightCrowd Access Analytics keeps your physical access systems in sync with your business systems to allow you to make proper access decisions faster.

Simplify access compliance and reporting

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