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Take control of identity access chaos

RightCrowd Access Analytics is a lightweight software solution that allows HR, IT, OT, security teams and business personnel to easily collaborate, review and take action against inappropriate access from any assets and enterprise systems in a single view.

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RightCrowd - User Access Reviews

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RightCrowd Access Analytics

Manage security risks by gaining visibility of inappropriate access

On average, 25% of all people records change each year. Handling thousands of identity and access transactions per year in a manual or semi-automated way quickly results in Access Chaos. Whether you are aware of this Access Chaos or not, the risks are the same. When erroneous data is present, the organization is now subject to the very threats the access control system was designed to prevent.

RightCrowd Access Analytics instantly identifies people with inappropriate access from HR and IT systems to Physical Access Control Systems, regardless of the technology mix in place. Based on daily input feeds from business systems, people systems and physical access control, it flags incorrect or out of date identities and access permissions.

Solution Features

Get in control of access permissions

Uncover access creep

Ensure all access permissions are current, appropriate, and authorized.

Mitigate insider threat

Detect excessive access based on role, location and status outliers.

Know what to fix

Easily visualize identity anomalies, expired access permissions, duplicate cards, access for terminated staff and more.

Monitor privileged access

Continuously review access to secure areas, critical infrastructure, security systems, applications, file shares and more.

Be ready for an audit any day

With automatic policy checks conducted every day you can demonstrate compliance with your security, safety and other policies at any time.

Get extremely fast time-to-value

You’ll have insight into who has access to what and discover inappropriate access as of day 1.
Physical Access Visibility

Map It – Start with Visibility of Unauthorized Access

Maps data collected from each of your connected systems. Patented technology builds virtual relationships within data, allowing you visibility to the access each person has within your organization, along with relevant contextual information. Time-machine functionality allows you to review access rights changes through time.

Measure It – Identify Unauthorized Access

Check access rights against security and safety policies configured in the system to identify unauthorized access and outliers. Easily initiate corrective actions to be pushed out of the platform to a ticketing or other system. Your automated checks run every day, implementing a true discipline that keeps card holder data and access rights up to date.

automate user access reviews with Access Analytics software.
user access review

Monitor It – Proactively Review Access

Conduct user access reviews in a much more efficient way than struggling with disparate spreadsheets. Conveniently review access rights with context from multiple systems in a single view to make informed decisions. Audit facilitators can track completion and perform support functions in real time. The output provides the supporting evidence required for industry standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, and many others.


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Gain complete visibility of who has access to your facilities, enterprise systems or critical assets today.
Understand who has access to what
Identify inappropriate access and outliers
Automate user access reviews
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