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RightCrowd Workforce Access Management

Ensure every worker has only the physical access they need to do their job.

Step up your physical access controls and use RightCrowd Workforce Access Management to improve safety, security and compliance across your workplace. Enforce business rules, regulations and policies to streamline operations and enforceable security and compliance outcomes.

Solution Overview

Optimize your workplace security and compliance

Transform Access Management

Enable streamlined access management processes, integrated with your access control system, that delivers a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on-site.

Empower Your Workers to Assist in Access Compliance

Easy and secure, self-service tools to efficiently manage physical workplace access across during the worker lifecycle’s engagement.

Enforce Safety, Security and Compliance

Enhance your physical access security system to manage the safety and compliance of your visitors and workers on one platform.

Integrate Business Systems

Leverage information that already exists within your organization to better influence your physical access control activities, including onboarding, offboarding and training.

Enterprise Scalability

Deploy the same solution across the city, the country, or the globe with a system that delivers the unique security, language or compliance requirements in each location.

See the Big Picture

Integrated with your access control system, so you have a single view of every employee, contractor and visitor on site.

Solution Features

We have the features your workplace demands

Physical Identity Access Management

Streamline physical access management processes across the engagement of the worker.

Access Request Self-Service

Simplified access requests with workflow-based routing, approval process and access control system updates.

Badge Management

Automate the management and renewal of new badges, expiring badges, lost badges and temporary badges

Access Attestations

Automate the periodic review and update of worker physical access permissions for regulatory compliance

Competencies and Certifications

Ensure that only people who are trained, compliant and approved gain access to facilities.

Fatigue Management

Manage fatigue policy compliance and automatically flag breaches or prevent site access.

Health Checks

Keep your workplace COVID-19 safe with access approval workflows and pre-entry health checks.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reduce risks with an automated system that randomly selects workers for drug and alcohol testing prior to site entry.

Evacuation Management

Deliver mustering point options to facilitate rapid evacuation headcount processing.

Solution Demonstration Videos

RightCrowd Workforce Access Management:

How to simplify managing your workforce access

RightCrowd Workforce Access Management:

Managing your workforce EHS policies

Enable every employee, contractor and vendor with secure and compliant physical access.

Deliver the right physical access to the right people, across the entire worker engagement.
Workforce Management Dashboarding
Enterprise Visitor Management

Streamline service requests with employee self-service and smart process automation.

Give workers the toolkit to manage operational security, compliance and safety in real-time.

Improve security and compliance with policy driven least-privilege physical access management solutions.

Ensure every worker has only the physical access they need
to do their job.
Features of Enterprise Visitor Management

Scalable access management solutions that can adapt to meet changing business needs and policy requirements.

Flexibly integrate HR, ERP and Physical Access Control system to manage worker and visitor compliance.


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